About Us

At Media Network, our mission is to provide everything for your business online.

We provide marketing and online advertising services as well as search engine optimization and ecommerce.

We offer the reliability and scalability of big business solutions at a small business price, taking the burden of IT development and support off of your shoulders and onto our own, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: innovating and improving your core business functions.

We are committed to help customers build high quality software through our testing services and believe in exceeding the customer requirements being part of mobile revolution

The strategy of Teknet-LB.com has always been to provide standard platforms to allow any client to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS campaigns or SMS for customer relationship management. Current TEKNET-LB clients include financial services institutions, clubs and societies, and companies that need to communicate with mobile support staff