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New-look website launched today. -- June 19, 2010
We have given our brand a bit of a makeover and improved the look and feel of the website. While things may look slightly different, our reliable and easy to use SMS messaging services remain the same.

LG’s 2011 smartphone line comes to light -- July 25, 2011
Despite some recently success with their smartphones, it appears that LG has been busy at work. A recent leak from PocketNow revealed multiple new Android smartphones and a Windows Phone 7 “Mango” phone, all of which the company is said to be delivering some time in 2011. Both information and renderings were leaked and apparently so

Mac vs. PC via McDonald's Wi-Fi guide -- July 26, 2011
In an effort to help customers troubleshoot Wi-Fi connections, McDonald's has painted a stark portrayal of the Windows experience versus Apple's Mac. Read more:

Chrome gets update for Lion multitouch  --JULY 27, 2011
22 Sep 2010 ... TApple's newest Mac OS X product changed some multitouch gestures, and Google's Chrome browser now is starting to catch up. Read more: http//